KOA Care Camps Charity Campout

Seasonal Life At Delaware Water Gap KOA

Point Persons Jimmy, Marc, and George

New for 2013 we are sponsoring a Kids For Cancer Campout the weekend of May 10-11-12.  For activities we have some clowns, (And not just Jimmy Marc, Bob and George, Real Clowns) A Board Game Competition, A Wing Off competition, and more while we have tons of fun  raising money for Kids Care Camps,

The Purpose of Trust and Application of Funds The KOA system of campgrounds in the United States and Canada sponsors special non-profit programs for helping youngsters stricken with cancer and siblings to participate in the camping experience at an authorized “cancer camp”. KOA Kampground Owners through the Care Camps Program are dedicated to raising funds for children’s cancer camps throughout the United States and Canada.  These camps are designed especially for children with cancer, and have on-site medical facilities, specially trained counselors, and professional medical staffs….. almost entirely volunteers.  Care Camps Trust members, who administer the program, are also all volunteers.  We the seasonals of the KOA in Delaware Water Gap Pocono Mountains KOA feel strongly behind this noble effort, and we are going to raise as much money as we can, and have as much fun as we can doing so, so that this worthwhile project can continue.

Click Here to Download the Weekend Flyer With Schedule


Wing Off Winners

2012 M&M Wings

2013 George And Ellen Mason


Wing Off

We had five entries for the wing off this year, and George and Ellen Mason were the 2013 winners and have wing bragging rights for the year


(Fake Clowns)

Coca Cola Pedal Car we will raffle off for the fund raising weekend (Click for larger image)

(Real Clowns)


8:00pm Drive in Movie

1-3pm Tootles and Friends

3-5pm Board Games At The Pavilion

Going on all day
Raffle Tickets for the Pedal Car

5:30pm Wing Off

Mothers Day Breakfast

Mom's eat free!

Breakfast for the Moms!


The Republik Band


More information can be found on these boys and their music at www.therepubliklive.com

  These four talented young men and their friend are traveling the US on a nationwide tour and fate dropped them into our likes at the KOA.  Here they are entertaining us one Sunday night around a bonfire (Jay needs some help understanding the size and scope of the term bonfire.  Here in Pocono's it is not a bond fire until the flames are at least 8 feet tall! But seriously if you are interested, see below)  

These unselfish wonderful young men took time out of their schedule to perform for us here at the campground and set up the stage and the sound and the lighting in the rain!  They played beautifully with a mix of their original work and some covers we all recognize.  They donated the proceeds from the concert to the cause, and we sincerely thank these generous young men who we at the campground have kind of adopted as our own.  We wish them the best of luck in their travels and are ready to welcome them back when their paths cross back here, their home away from home.


  In case you were wondering.....

Bonfire:  United States In New England, on the night before the Fourth of July, towns competed to build towering pyramids, assembled from hogsheads and barrels and casks. They were lit at nightfall, to usher in the celebration. The highest were in Salem, Massachusetts, composed of as many as forty tiers of barrels; these are the tallest bonfires ever recorded. The practice flourished in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and can still be found in some New England towns.

On Christmas Eve in Southern Louisiana, bonfires are built along the Mississippi River levees to light the way for Papa Noël as he moves along the river in his pirogue (Cajun canoe) pulled by eight alligators. This tradition is an annual event in St. James Parish, Louisiana.

The term originates from the term Bone-Fire and not the often mis-pronounced "bond-fire"


Scavenger Hunt!

Sunday morning was bright and sunny and warm with a nice breeze and the kids got together to do a scavenger hunt around the playground.  The kids searched for puzzle pieces and worked together with Kathleen our Recreation Director to solve the puzzle and then go find the prize.


Children's Activities

Face painting, and carnival games abound, and even the on and off rain did not dampen the spirits of this weekend.  The nice part of it was "Kids Helping Kids"  I really moves a person to see these kits helping kids dealing with cancer and having fun in the process!