Seasonal Life At Delaware Water Gap KOA


--Satellite image from Superstorm Sandy

--Bear on the road


Some of you may have noticed the dotted lines on your sites as I have, and went to the office to inquire as to what they meant.  Apparently as a bonus this year we are getting sewer service as a full hookup site. The dedicated staff of DWGKOA will not have to bring the honey wagon around to selected sites.  Just don't think its ok to leave the black water valve open and use it like you are at home. Many people have done this in the past and have been sorry for it. Sediment builds up in the tank and odors begin to really develop. You need the flush of all of that water and a power wash to get the build up out of the tank. if not all the Aqua Chem in the world is not going to contain that smell!  To be on the safe side, don't empty your tank unless it is full or nearly full.



New Pull Through Sites

Superstorm Sandy brought a lot of changes to a lot of people on the area, and I am not sure if the occurrence has leveraged Met-Ed who manages the high lines that run through the campground, to do a lot of tree trimming. All through the Pocono Mountains wherever Met-Ed infrastructure can be found, there is a huge amount of tree trimming going on, and our campground is no exception. Some people might look at the loss of trees as a negative, but leave it to our beloved owners to turn what could be a negative as a positive! Sites 62-76 (Ish) are getting a makeover! These will now be level pull through sites similar to those sites at the lower end of the field that is surrounded by the cabins and lodges. These sites will have a commanding view of the campground, fresh breezes and for you sun worshipers ample amounts of bright sunshine to tan under! These sites are rumored to be full hookup sites as well, offering unmatched quality of camping! 


Seasonal Newsletter

The new managers have a tradition from their former campground of putting out a news letter with activities and dates. We at congratulate them on this endeavor and would like to offer any help and support we can in getting the word out.  So much that I am offering to have an e version available here in PDF format! Stay tuned and you will be able to read the newsletter here!