Seasonal Life At Delaware Water Gap KOA

  To help you get to know us better here is a site by site directory of our seasonal and a little bit about them. For those who are not listed here and want to be, please email the seasonal editor at with a short bio on yourselves and a picture of your site and yourselves.  

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Disclaimer*** The names of the various campsite sections used here are my creation and not the campgrounds.  So if you tell the office for instance that "I want a site in the "Downtown" section, they will have no idea what you are talking about! So please use site numbers when speaking to the office.  


Sites 30,30A, 29, 29A, 171, 172, 174,176, 178, 180

Sites 173, 175, 177, 179, 181- 187 Tent Sites


  Site 29A
  Site 29  

Site 30 Natale Family
  Site 30A Fisher Family  

Site 171 Hannigan Family  
  Site 172 Dave And Christine Morse
  Site 173 (Tent Site)  
  Site 174  
  Site 175 (Tent Site)  
  Site 176  
  Site 177 (Tent Site)  
  Site 178 Spinelli Family  
  Site 179 (Tent Site)  
  Site 180  
  Site 181  
  Site 182 (Tent Site)  
  Site 183 (Tent Site)  
  Site 184 (Tent Site)  
  Site 185 (Tent Site)  
  Site 186 (Tent Site)  
  Site 187 (Tent Site)